The FCI breed standards and the Dutch Kennel Club


After the Minister has rejected the breeding guidance plan, which was drawn up by the Dutch Kennel Club together with the relevant breed clubs, an assumption has arisen that the FCI breed standards would no longer be respected.

This is an incorrect assumption.

The Netherlands is one of the founders of the FCI and will respect the breed standards as a full member of this organization. The FCI breed standard will be leading, with due observance of the FCI statutes and the FCI show judges code of commitment to the welfare of pure bred dogs.

Article 5 of the Judges code states that a judge must under all circumstances take into account that no dog may suffer from his / her appearance. When extreme characteristics lead to health, behavior or movement problems, the judge will have to punish this severely. Fortunately, breed standards also impose requirements with regard to health-related traits.

The FCI board stated the following in its statement of 3 July 2020 last with regard to this subject: The Dutch Kennel Club is acting in full compliance with the rules of the FCI and its own statutes and internal regulations. We understand that the Dutch Kennel Club is now under the obligation to work according to the new Dutch law as far as the registration procedure of brachycephalic breeds is concerned.

The FCI rules cannot be placed above national legislations. For the sake of completeness, we would like to emphasize that the changed policy regarding the pedigree issue has to do with rules and legislation regarding the breeding of dogs.